Coconut oil skin beauty + hairdressing effect

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Coconut oil is a popular ingredient among celebrities and models overseas. It not only moisturizes the face and body, but also nourishes the hair, leaving a soft and moist touch after use.

Coconut itself is rich in fatty acids that can replenish and repair water-deficient dry skin, effectively locking water in cells, preventing dry lines and skin bursting.

The same is true of coconut oil in hair care, moisturizing hair fiber, preventing hair bifurcation and water loss.

There are many ways to use coconut oil. You can add it to nursing steps according to your needs. Let's take a look at some good coconut oil on Lookfantastic.


Coconut oil conditioner

We've just talked about the beauty of coconut oil for hair care. In fact, coconut oil is a deep nourishing oil. Fatty acids can penetrate into hair fibers, so it's good for nutritional care or intensive maintenance at night. Remember to clean it the next day! Because after all, it's oily, and there will be some left in the hair.

Thick and heavy. Choose a refreshing shampoo. After washing, the hair will be soft and slippery.

Friends who want intensive hair care can take a look at Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Magic Moisturizer, a 25-magic combination of non-shampoo and moisturizer that helps smooth, reduce dryness, and restore softness and luster from the depths of the hair!

It's also important to remember to take sunscreen care of your hair during the summer season. Don't forget to bring a bottle of Alterna's Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves when you go out or go to the beach in the summer to help protect your hair against UVA and UVB and the damage caused by sea water.

Christophe Robin's new Cleansing Shampoo is suitable for everyday use. Its unique jujube bark and cherry blossom extracts help remove dandruff while regulating excess sebum and continuing to soothe the scalp. Products do not contain P hydroxybenzoate, silicone and SLS.

Coconut oil skin care

Coconut oil is obvious for the repair of dry and water-deficient skin, but if you are a frequent blackpox partner still need to be careful, so as not to cause excessive use of pore blockage and acne. However, this does not mean that acne muscle is about to talk about coconut oil color change, just choose some products with lower coconut oil content.

First Aid Beauty Milk Cleanser This cleanser formula contains coconut oil and avocado ingredients to help you fight dry skin, after washing the face soft and smooth. Its coconut oil content is not very high, so it is suitable for all skin uses.

Eye skin is the most delicate and easy to produce dry lines, so choose a cream containing coconut oil ingredients is the most appropriate! Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is lightweight, but it also provides deep moisturization to the eye skin, relieving dry and fine lines, and fighting fatigue.

Do not miss Living Nature Sensitive Night Cream if you want your skin to replenishment. Living Nature is an organic brand in New Zealand. Its ingredients are safe and natural. The German BDIH Association has confirmed that all the product formulations come from the natural ecological planting areas which have been strictly tested, and the product packaging is very safe and pollution-free. This night cream is used.

100% natural ingredients, rich in avocado oil and organic coconut oil, promote the natural regeneration process of skin cells. Sensitive muscles can also be used safely.

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