Summer hair care tips

2019-03-11 21:30:44 18

Recently, I wrote many summer skin care and summer make-up articles, and today I would like to talk about summer hair care.

In hot summer, the sun is shining and ultraviolet rays are strong, but our attention is more attracted by skin care and sunscreen, it is easy to ignore this season's hair care. In fact, it is imperative to do a good job in the summer sun protection of hair, let's take a look at the summer hair care there are some small steps!

Try to avoid prolonged outdoor activities during the strongest hours of the sun, and if you can't avoid wearing a hat or umbrella


Shampoo and conditioner containing SPF can be used to protect hair against UV and provide moisture and nutrition for hair. For example, Alterna bamboo sunscreen lock color series, with shampoo and a series of conditioners, hair film, so that each hair has been taken care of in the summer

Remember to take a bottle of anti-UV Sunscreen Spray when you go out to avoid losing moisture and nutrients in the sun. Spray it when you need it so that your hair can be protected in time.

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