Why do we need to apply facial mask?

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The most important skin care is to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Only by doing a good job of moisturizing, adding skin tolerance, can we effectively avoid skin from monotonous peeling and thinning the skin protective layer, and then choose skin care products to relieve the skin and calm the skin to help correct damaged capillaries. Finally, we should pay attention to normal sun protection and avoid ultraviolet radiation. The line continues to damage the capillaries.


Girls remember this sentence: Masks are the best protection, you only need to protect the skin's basic protection will really shine! Don't just cover up the dust and cover it up. It will only change the mess. Whether you are acne, blackhead, acne, water shortage, dark yellow, loose, red blood, coarse pores, rough... All, beautiful women start from the mask, the skin root is not good, good powder, blush can not make good makeup, the bottom of the skin is not maintained, makeup is not only a bad sense of makeup, and will make the skin worse and worse.

Why do you need to apply facial mask? ]

1. Let your skin drink plenty of water: Mask keeps the skin away from the outside air, allowing moisture to enter the cuticle and avoiding water throwing away.

2. Cover the skin with quilt: add skin surface temperature, make pore expand, promote sweat gland secretion, help to clean up dust and remove custom-prone waste

3. Stretch fine lines.

4, compensatory nutrition: really reach the effect of moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle prevention, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and detoxification.

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