Skin conservation guidelines, strength to save the overnight face

2019-03-11 21:31:01 24

For the harm to the skin caused by staying up late, we should not only pay attention to the surface, only pay attention to the maintenance of the skin, but neglect the internal problems of the body, so that only the treatment of symptoms does not cure the root, can not fundamentally solve skin problems. Want to become delicate and bright skin, or to both internal and external considerations, fundamentally solve. Human normal habits are "sunrise and sunset and rest". Adrenocorticosteroids and growth hormones in the human body are produced during sleep at night. Often staying up late can cause hormone secretion disorders in the body, so it is easy to feel tired, mentally depressed, and the body's immunity drops with it. Often stay-up fairies to often supplement vitamins, because vitamins can alleviate physical fatigue, enhance the body's anti-stress; vitamins also prevent vision loss, for long-term work after eye muscle fatigue has a certain effect, in addition, vegetables and protein is an indispensable nutritional component of the overnight crowd. The most obvious sign after staying up late is the dark circle of the eye. Night is the body's physiological rest time. When the body should rest, it does not rest. It will cause excessive fatigue, resulting in poor blood circulation around the eyes, causing black circles, bags or white eyes covered with blood.


One of the causes of facial depression is the thickening of the cuticle and the loss of transparency in the skin after staying up late. After a long stay-up, skin metabolism is slow, resulting in cumulative accumulation of pigments can not be discharged, coupled with computer and light radiation, the face will cause pigmentation precipitation, the formation of spots. After dark and spots appear on the face, in addition to regular exfoliation to clean up the skin garbage, deep hydration and moisturization for the skin is also the key, so that the skin is full of water to drink and firmly lock the water, deep repair of the skin, to slow down the face of dark skin and other issues. Staying up late as a common disease of modern young people, whether it is work or play caused by staying up late, will have an impact on our physical health, especially for women, staying up late also brings a lot of skin problems. In order not to turn yourself into an overnight stay, it starts to start from inside out.

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